Tumu- Kasaana Stretch of Road to be Constructed

Following public out cry and a reportage on this portal on a broken bridge on theTumu- Kasaana stretch of road and showing  how sensitive the MP for the area is !the MP Hon.  Raidwan Abass visited the site with an engineer to have first hand information on the deplorable state of the bridge and also to hand over the work to a contractor kick start work .

The MP,in the company of the District Chief Executive Mr. Karim Nanyua and an engineer visited the site and after taking a cursory look at situations on the grounds have come into conclusion and as part of it agreed to move swiftly to repair and put into good shape the broken spot of the  stretch of road .

When asked how soon work was going to start,the MP said come this Friday 30th June,2017 equipment will be moved to sit and follow by the main work.

A motor bike rider(a road user) who passed by as at the time of the visit spoke to this portal and expressed how hopeful and promising it was to see the MP,DCE and an engineer on a visit to the site,he intimated  that,” I am very optimistic that a sigh of relief will come on our way very soon”.

The MP also reiterated his quest to get the broken bridges on the Bakwala-Pien road and the Bujan-Nabugubelle road all fixed and hence would tour all the affected places for first hand information. He said,development of the area is his top-most priority and would not therefore compromise for any other thing. [whatsapp url=”” title=”Share On WhatsApp”]

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