Tomatoes farmers:Lack of Market Forced us to Quite Tomatoes Farming.

Tomatoes farmers association in the Upper East Region of Ghana have voiced out reasons for quiting tomatoes farming and rather have to engage in pepper farming peper.

The peasant farmers,during a radio interview and represented by  focal person of the peasant farmers associati vented their frustration on the absence of ready market for their produce for many years,which paved  the way for market queens to exploite the,they buy their produce on credit couple with reluctance to pay. Follow up calls to get their monies paid  by market queens resulted in a fall out with them and hence,the market queens resorting to neighbouring Burkina-Faso for tomatoes supplies .

Even though,it has been well established that,the tomatoes from Burkina have been much spiced with fertiliser chemicals and thus easily get rot as compared to those farmed in Ghana,the price differencials still make them patronise that of Burkina. “They market queens over look the health implications of whatever tomatoes they bring from outside the country, be it Togo or Burkina so far as their primary focus on huge profit margin”

He concluded by making a passionate  appeal to government,private organisations and NGO’s to come to their aid with a ready market ,so as to enable them farm tomatoes(to their vast experience in tomatoes farming to use) and help control the current tomatoes skyrocketing prices the average citizens have being grappled with.

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