Fired FBI director testifies before U. S senate intelligence committee.

News of the firing of the former FBI director Mr. James Comey was received with shock and disbelief both in U. S and the world at large. This happened amidst the U. S -Russia inquiry on the election manipulation. This sudden development got sceptics of the Trump led government wondering if really Russia meddled in the last general election held in the country. It was in the heat of the mass call for probe into the allegations that,a unilateral decision

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SAVE-GHANA (Sustainable aid through voluntary establishment) was founded in the year 2004 as a charity organization and has since grown in many spheres. SAVE -GHANA has worked in the areas of village saving and loans, safety nets for the disable persons,women and children , general election observation, best farming practices, improving quality education and many more. Shea nut picking has being the predominant occupation of many women though with little said about the opposite sex and mostly found in the

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