State Broad Caster: GBC Backtracks in Possible Prosecution of TV Licence Fee Defualters

The governing board of GBC has this afternoon issued a press statement backtracking the much talked about TV licence fee and possible prosecution of Defualters and hence the setting up of a special courts to handle cases.

In a  press statement issued in an emergency meeting dated today 10th of January,2018,the board has weighed the challenges that had come with the implementation of the TV licence fee. The board noticing the outcry,anxieties,and apprehensions registered by the public with respect to the possible prosecution for non-payment.

This sudden backtrack by the state media house is intended to allay fears by the general public of possible prosecutions of non-payment of the TV licence fee. Also contained  in the statement and discussed in the emergency meeting,was an alternative ways  of finding a more sustained fudning module in the

Many people have criticised the content of services rendered by GBC to viewers as compared to the private media houses,who stand the chance of not be beneficiaries of this booty despite their much liked services. This,many see as a cheat and undeserving by the state broadcaster who despite government’s subvention  has performed below expectations.

Many see this sudden posture of the state broadcaster as a cowardice move,because many have promised to meet the licence fee collectors with mayhem  despite the law backing the move and thus could have triggered the sudden change in implementation.

Below is the press statement issued and signed by the board chairman Rev.Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng  (PHD):



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