Sissala East: The Okoa Project Pilots Prototype Ambulances in Deprived communities

The Okoa Project is an International Non-Governmental Organization that was given birth to in Tanzania with the aim of increasing access to health care by facilitating medical transportation of sick person’s especially pregnant women in to the nearest health facilities in very deprived communities.

The Okoa project’s intervention revolves around the ingenuity of engineers(local artisans and technical students) to come out with practical and innovative solutions to local problems and thus ensuring sustainability.

Against this back drop, The Okoa Project in collaboration with Virtue Foundation Ghana intend extending their intervention to Ghana more especially, Sissala East Municipal of the Upper West Region.

The project in collaboration with Virtue Foundation which is also an NGO whose major, is into medical equipment donations and bringing of medical doctors from abroad to do surgery of serious ailments intend piloting the deployment  of improvised or prototype ambulances for the transportation  sick persons especially pregnant women to the nearest health facility in very deprived communities.

The organization intends manufacturing 8 prototype Okoa ambulances that can navigate the deplorable road net-work of the various communities in the Municipality especially during rainy season where vehicles cannot easily move.

                                          JOB CREATION

The Okoa Project does not only intend to facilitate the transportation of pregnant women to the nearest health facility but, also to create jobs forLocal engineers or artisans in the likes Ambra Zuberu of Tumu and Sufiyanu of Pulima on how to manufacture, repair the ambulances and also train persons on how to operate ambulances.


The Okoa Project apparently thus approach every problem with open mind, bringing together perspectives  from communities, institutions, stories and international research to shape solutions to local problem.


The Okoa Project seeks to empower technical students and under -served youth through experiential learning and collaborative design opportunities as project allows for transformation and modifications of prototype ambulance as the terrain changes with time.

                                       PROTOTYPE AMBULANCE

Onboard, there are supplies that make up a first aid kit, a birthing kit, and a spare contingency kit to ensure the success of every ride in every scenario.


Our ambulance has an extensively tested suspension system for a comfortable ride over the narrow, bumpy roads.

                                STRETCHER AND EXTRA SEAT

It includes removable stretcher and seat so patients can easily be loaded into the ambulance, and have support from a second passenger. There is space for vehicle spare parts and first aid/birthing kit for when emergencies arise.

                                             EASY MAINTENANCE

It is made of locally sourced materials, making it a longer term solution with easy maintenance for local technicians.

The Okoa project lead by Emily Young who is the Chief Executive Director  and Hon Bataglia Mohammed the country director for Virtue Foundation Ghana having successfully carried out a consultative meeting with stakeholders in the area of health and perhaps have had to discuss extensively and decisively on how to come out with a befitting prototype ambulance for the communities.

A survey was also under taken by the project in almost all the communities in Sissala East Municipal regarding the transportation of sick person’s especially pregnant women to the nearest health facility.

Here is contact to The Okoa Project :

Www. theokoaproject. Com

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