Sissala East: National Board for Small Scale Industries and Rural Enterprise Programme Organize A Training for Clients

National Board for Small Scale Industries and Rural Enterprise Programme organized a sensitization program for a cross section of their clients in the Sissala East Municipal.

The event took place in the on the 17th October, 2019 and hence brought together business fraternity in the Municipality comprising of the following:

(1)Sachet water producers

(2)Soap and detergents producers

(3)Honey producers and the

(4) Local beverage producers

The rational for having the sensitization was geared towards equipping participants with registration requirements of their respective products with the government regulatory body known as Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Against this backdrop, regulatory officers from the Upper West regional office of FDA invited to give a technical support did, indeed take participants through regulatory standards necessary for ensuring participants products conform to both local and international standards and also educated participants in food service operation in safe catering practices and thus ensuring consumers’ safety.

Thematic areas included but not limited to:

-Overview of FDA as a Regulatory body and Mandated by law

-FDA Registration Requirements for various products with special attention to products produced by participants

-Structural/fabrication Requirements for Food Service Facility

-Food Service Establishment Licensing

-Food Safety and Hygiene

-food ingredient purchasing

-How to select safe food ingredient

When this news portal spoke to some participants after the training, a female participant by name Ayamga Mujeeb Shamima expressed her willingness to register their products as the registration requirements were simple contrary to their thoughts.

A male participant who goes by a business name’ Sankofa’  lamented how their clients rejected their products because they were not registered especially by the NGO’s and other international organizations that insist on FDA certification and thus see this training as an eye opener and a business advantage.

Some participants this portal spoke to did admit they been beneficiaries of a series trainings previously organized and even other services.

In a concluding remark, the regulatory officer from FDA Mr. Kelving entreated all participants to get in touch with a stationed officer to get their documents sent to Wa for registration of their respective products

An officer representing the two bodies at the event took his turn to read out his welcome address.

In his welcome address, the officer recounted the successes chalked by the organizing bodies especially on how beneficially their services have been to the growth of businesses of their clients and hence, have seen it as a prudent measure to also facilitate authentication and certification of products made by their clients which will in a long way increase their profit margin. He also disclosed that, statistics shows low patronage of products without FDA certifications especially in the international market.

He re added that, earlier in the month, the BAC organized a beekeeping training program in some communities such as wellembelle, Shea nut processing in Kroboi, and leadership and skills development for welders association in Tumu. He also disclosed that, his outfit in partnership with Sissala Rural Bank, an appreciable number of clients of the BAC have been assessed and cleared to access the Rural Enterprise Development Fund and the Matching Fund.

In concluding his address, he shared a gist of the plans and aspiration of the organizing bodies and has therefore charged clients to brace themselves for more opportunities. He added that, his outfit will be given a face lift in the Municipality as its(BRC) new office complex is nearing completion and when done will render other essential  business services for the growth and betterment of the local economy.

Ayamga Bawa Fatawu is a community development practitioner, a Freelancer, Rural Reporter/blogger . He is also a Youth Activist and an environmental advocate. Being the administrator of www., Consumed by passion to serve the vulnerable and less privilege in society he gives voice to voiceless and also craves for attention from duty bearers to the plights of the most deprived areas in the country. He also has experienced in child protection having worked with an International Non-Governmental Organization . You can contact him via Phone Number :+233(0)-243154092/203810156 Email

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