Two school children on their way to school in a  Mahama Camboo Tricycle got involved in a would fatal accident by when a mini Urvan vehicle with passengers collided head on to the back of the Stationary Tricycle at a junction where a Police man was controlling traffic this morning.

A Bolgatanga -Nalerigu bound  mini urvan vehicle with registration number AS 5879 P collided head on into Mahama Camboo Tricycle with registration number M-17-UE-177 when it was transporting two school children to school this morning.This happened at the popular hot spot for accidents in the Municipality ”Aboole Junction”.

Accodreing to our Upper East Correspondent who was in the mini Urvan vehicle to Mr.Zarkari Benin attributed the cause of the accident to a brake defect by their vehicle,He said their  driver was driving on a high gear and hence was on speed thereby upon reaching the junction after the STC yard suddenly realized A Police man control traffic had stopped all motorists on his lane and allowing passage at the other end;so due to ostensibly a brake defects in the car,the driver could not halt the car as expected and hence lost control resulting in colliding head on to the Tricycle which was just in front awaiting green lights by the Police man to go. The Tricycle somersaulted and finally landed into a gutter the three occupants ,a girl in her early teens and a boy age between 7-8 years sustaining injuries whiles leaving the driver of the Tricycle unhurt.

Onlookers,passerby’s and occupants of the Mini Urvan vehicle rushed to the rescue of the tree occupants of the Tricycle. The accident left the almost brand new Tricycle badly damaged from both front and back and thus needs overhauling to bring back into operation.

The Driver realizing it was his fault quickly disappeared from the scene leaving his car and passengers stranded.  A different was hurriedly arranged to convey the passengers of the Urvan to their destination while some benevolent people took the children to the nearest health facility.

Ayamga Bawa Fatawu is a community development practitioner, a Freelancer, Rural Reporter/blogger . He is also a Youth Activist and an environmental advocate. Being the administrator of www., Consumed by passion to serve the vulnerable and less privilege in society he gives voice to voiceless and also craves for attention from duty bearers to the plights of the most deprived areas in the country. He also has experienced in child protection having worked with an International Non-Governmental Organization . You can contact him via Phone Number :+233(0)-243154092/203810156 Email

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