Rosewood Harvesting: Minster of Lands and Natural Resources Sanctioned Issuance of Salvage Permits-Sir John

Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission has made a damning revelation that Minister of Lands and Natural Resources is the brain behind the much talked about  issuance of salvage permits and not forestry commission as held by the public.

The Chief Executive Officer in the person of Mr.Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie popularly known as ‘Sir John’ dispelled the misconception held by many that,his outfit took a unanimous decision of issuing salvage permits to rosewood merchants to engage in illegally felling fresh rosewood in the three northern regions of the country. He made this revelations during an interview on PM express of joynews tv and hosted by Mr.Evans Mensah yesterday 12/03/2019.

He denied of having knowledge on the incessant and voracious felling of fresh rosewood in the fragile ecological Savannah woodland vegetation by merchants issued with salvage permits which only allow them to pick lying logs. He said reports they got earlier says there were lying rosewood logs as a result of wind breaks and farmers clearing  new lands for cultivation and hence thought it economically wise to pick them.

The Chief Executive Officer has intimated his outfit’s readiness to send a report to the sector minister recommend the stoppage if issuing salvage permits since they having being receiving a lot complains of illegal activities of the rosewood lodgers.

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