Pupils of Gbenebisi Primary school in the Sissala East District of the Upper West region are compelled to use  tine sheds as classrooms due to inadequate classrooms for teaching and learning. 

Gbenebisi is a farming community located in the south east of the Sissala East District. the community is about 57 miles away from the District capital,with a very terrible road network.The people in the community are mainly of the Gurusi and Sissala tribe,with the Gurusi dominating.Due to the heterogeneous nature of the people,inter-marriage is a common practice in the community. The community can only boost of a three class unit block as the only social amenity. The most frequent visitors received by the community are the circuit supervisor from GES who goes to supervise teachers, politicians and electoral commission personnel and that is during campaigning and election day.

The school,which has an enrollment of 100 students have their KG 1&2,class 1,2,3 and form 1 class study under tin sheds thus affecting teaching and learning in the school.

The school can only boost of a three classroom unit block which was completed in the year 2011 and currently house class 4,5,and 6 thus leaving many of the students to mercy of the weather whenever in school.teaching and learning sessions come to abrupt end time is rainy or windy. Teaching and learning are sometimes disrupted by passerby and stray animals.

The school only has three professional teachers,with teachers non-professional and pupil teachers posted by Youth Employment Agency.Teachers of the affected classes have had to endure the scorching sun to teach for many years now and hence the resultant effect of newly posted teachers to the community refusing to accept their posting. As at the time of visit to the school,only two teachers were present with the excuse that,the Head teacher had gone to the District capital on official visit.

As at the time of the visit 10 girls had been rescued from child marriage and returned to school.The smallest among the rescued girls being less than 7 years and the oldest being 16 years of age.This portrays the menace of child marriage in the area couple with its consequences on children,parents and community at large.

Mr.Tie Batong Ibrahim a primary 4 class teacher whom we spoke to,really lamented at the sorry state of the school,he added ”until we as a state stop pretending to be serious with our education system,we are not far better than war ravaged countries” He espoused challenges such as child marriage(elopement) as the biggest threat to Girl children education in the community;a culture where the people inter-marry and thus knows no age in selection of partners and regrettably of all challenges is lack of text books for the Junior High class 1(no single textbook) and the rest of the classes.

A form 1 Girl by name Baluri Hajuah enumerated challenges such as bad cultural practice like elopement,lack of text books,acute shortage of furniture,long distance to water source,lack of teachers accommodation and acute shortage of classrooms as the daunting challenges that have plagued the school.She is therefore making a passionate appeal to authorities to come their aid fail to do so would render them housewives and boys subjected to child labour.

Ali Bale Sandia a class 6 Girl who also spoke to this portal,did emphasized on how they easily fall prey to child marriage(elopement) and only feel safe when they are in school. She has therefore made a passionate appeal for a rigorous community sensitization to  among their parents on child marriage.

Ayamga Bawa Fatawu is a community development practitioner, a Freelancer, Rural Reporter/blogger . He is also a Youth Activist and an environmental advocate. Being the administrator of www. Ghstories.com, Consumed by passion to serve the vulnerable and less privilege in society he gives voice to voiceless and also craves for attention from duty bearers to the plights of the most deprived areas in the country. He also has experienced in child protection having worked with an International Non-Governmental Organization . You can contact him via Phone Number :+233(0)-243154092/203810156 Email :sbloga@yahoo.com

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