Parents in Kunni community have  a passionate appeal for at least a classroom block to continue educating their children of school going age  who used to trek long and extremely deplorable path to the so-called nearest community Gbal to attend school despite their tender ages. Heavy rains in the area has rendered the path un-motorable for the children and hence the decision  by parents in Kunni to educate them in one makeshift classroom sponsored by PTA or they stand a greater chance of not having children educated especially every raining season.

Kunni community is a small farming community very close to A District capital in Burkina-Faso called Outuoli. The people of Kunni Community are Sissala by tribe and geographically and administratively part of the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region. Children of school going age have had to previously defy the un-motorable nature of the road to attend school in a nearby community called Gbal but continuous rains have caused more havoc to the already deplorable road and hence un-motor able for children to ply to attend school.

This harrowing and compelling situation has forced the people of Kunni community to put up a makeshift one classroom with bricks and un-cemented. This makeshift building houses children who hitherto were in three different classes ranging from KG to Class four. The only teacher handling the school, Mr. Salia Juawie Yahaya bemoarned the situation and added revealed how he uses multi-grate teaching method(combining two classes in room) to enable him and the children adjust to the situation for now. The current makeshift brick made class room put up by the P.T.A and un-cemented can stand not stand the test of time and even poses danger to the children especially during the peak of the raining season.

A P.T.A representative who spoke to this reporter intimated their desperation to get their children go through formal education and have a brighter future and also be responsible people in society in was against this backdrop that, the teacher and community members especially parents are calling on NGOs, philanthropists and government through the District Chief Executive and the MP  to come to their aid and get them at least four or three classroom block for the mean time.

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