I get sleepless nights over the invasion of fall army worm on my maize Farm;say a farmer in the Wa Municipality

A farmer in the Wa Municipality, Mr. Osman Issahaku says he has sleepless nights over the invasion of fall army worm on his thirty (30) acres maize farm at Boli.
He says the thoughts over how the worms have invaded his thirty acres maize seed farm out of the total fifty acres maize farm and whether he will not run at a loss after this year’s farming season has made him slim down and even his dependents .
Mr. Osman revealed that he has so far spent over 5,000 Ghana cedis on chemicals to fight the worms but not much changes can be seen on the farm .
He made this known on his farm at Bole on Wednesday.
Mr. Osman said he has tried using neem tree leaves and powdered soap to the fight worms and that has helped to kill the worms but not a significant level.
He however called on government to be proactive to find the appropriate chemicals to fight the worms.
Mr. Osman revealed that the situation may turn to affect farmers in the municipality who depended on him for certified seeds.
Mr. Osman Issahaku was in 2009 the Wa District Best Maize Farmer.
In 2010 he became the Best District Farmer in the 26th national Farmers day and National Best Millet farmer in 2012.
He cultivated fifty (50) acres of seed maize this year , 140 acres of maize grains , 8 acres of cassava , 7 acres of yam , 12 acres of cowpea , 8 acres of Sorghum , one acre of soya bean and one acre of millet .

He concluded by saying he is of a strong conviction this nightmare is the fate of all farmers who have fallen victims to catastrophic situation and thus his plea to government to come to their aid.

Source: Okyere Esabah Mavis

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