Gandawi Communities Celebrate Gandawi Naabahilime Festival

Gandawi clan celebrates their 9th annual Gandawi  Naabahilime festival in a grand style.Gandawi clan is  located in  the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region of Ghana. The clan comprises  of  8 communities namely :Buoti, Kandia,Pulima,Sorbelle,Silbelle,Kupulima,Jitong and Gbarima .

This year’s celebration saw in  attendance the  Deputy Minister Upper West Regional Minister Hon.Amidu Chinnia Issahaku,Dce for Sissala West DistrictHon.Zakaria Mohammed Bakor, Former Dce’s ,assembly members,  revered chiefs ,the media fraternity and the general public.

This year’s theme for the celebration was,”Protect ting Our Environment :A Shared Responsibility ”  The theme for this year’s celebration comes on the heel when their fragile vegetative  cover is being depleted at a fast rate by human  activities. Notably among destructive activities on the environment is charcoal burning  for commercial purposes.

In a welcome address by Kandia Kuoro Bamula Basinjia Chieminah III welcomed all participants to this year’s festival. In his address he reiterated the rational for the celebration of the Naabahilime festival ;it is to help preserve and promote  the rich cultural heritage of the Gandawi people. The festival was initiated in the year 2010 to enable participants re-enact the heroic exploits of their forebears in the various traditions and customs of the Gandawi people for the younger generation to appreciate and learn.

Kuoro Chieminah ended his welcome address by acknowledging and appreciating all generous donations made by individuals and organisations towards this year’s celebration.


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