Below is brief information gathered about the Kunkuno River: The River is located between Santijan and Gbenebisi communities respectively in the Sissala East Municipal of the Upper West Region and Kunkuno and Donninga communities respectively and located in the Bulsa South of the Upper East Region. The Kunkuno River takes its source from the Sisili River in Sissala East Municipal of the Upper West Region. Communities very close the river line are Kunchogu and Basirisan. There is a small island

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Why Kete-Krachi deserves the capital of Oti Region

Aerial shots of some part of Kete-Krachi Lakeside The people of Kete-Krachi say they deserve and are prepared to host the capital of the newly-created Oti Region. They argue that siting the regional capital in Kete-Krachi will open up that area for development and also open up the Oti Region to the regions that share boundaries with Kete-Krachi to the north and west. They argue that due to the location of Kete-Krachi, travellers to the regional capital, if sited there,

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