Anti-Illegal Rosewood Harvesting Task Force Donates School Uniform, Books and Mathematical Sets to School Children

A vigilante group dabbed”Operation Stop Rosewood Harvesting in Sissala East District ” comprising the youth with the collective aim of  stopping the operation of illegal felling of rosewood in Sissala East District have made a  donation  to school children in two communities.

School children in Nabugubelle and Sumborun in the Sissala East District benefited from these donations. Items donated included,exercise books(200),mathematical sets (60) and school uniforms (120)the very needy children in school. Selection of beneficiaries was done by a team(Daniel,Munkailu,Ayamga and Fatawu) representing the task force. Pupils without or in overly tattered school uniforms were ramdonly selected from the class rooms and given the uniforms and books. The final year students  were given a number of exercise books and mathematical sets.

Speaking to this portal,a teacher in Nabugubelle basic school by name,Mr.Karim expressed his appreciation for the gesture and hence recounted how school children do  drop out school sometimes,because of lack of uniforms and the inability of their parents to buy for them. He thus also saw this as a sigh of relief to parents . He was however in a haste to caution  community members to jeolously guard their environment from these illegal loggers since ,that will inure to the benefit of the future generations and generations yet unborn.

At Sumborun,a community representative at the scene of donationsand in a shameful demeanor expressed his regrete for their initial intent of sabotaging the work of the task force in their community and hence never knew the task force had good intentions for them. He also expressed his appreciation for the  gesture and has sinced vowed to help fight the illegal loggers. The head teacher in the person of Mr.Nibormoka Tanko could not hide his overwhelming posture,since more than 90% of the school population  benefited from the donations. Also, as an activist for environmental sustainability, he expressed his disappointment for the warm reception accorded the illegal loggers into the community amidst their destructive activities.

Somewhere last year,the ferocious destruction of an already fragile vegetative cover of the Sissala East District caught the attention of well -meaning sons of the land and thus,culminated in the formation of a task force with voluntary membership to clamp down on the illegal felling of rosewood.During the course of operation by the task force,some illegal loggers were caught and brought to   court to face the law,at the end got their logs confiscated and made to purchase school uniforms ,books and mathematical sets to school  children in communities they operated.Culprits were later made to sign a  bond of not engaging in similar activities in the jurisdiction.

This move deterred a lot of the rosewood merchants and broght little sanity to the environment as well as its tolling effects on the people.

Ayamga Bawa Fatawu is a community development practitioner, a Freelancer, Rural Reporter/blogger . He is also a Youth Activist and an environmental advocate. Being the administrator of www., Consumed by passion to serve the vulnerable and less privilege in society he gives voice to voiceless and also craves for attention from duty bearers to the plights of the most deprived areas in the country. He also has experienced in child protection having worked with an International Non-Governmental Organization . You can contact him via Phone Number :+233(0)-243154092/203810156 Email

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