African Union Day
You have really achieved nothing. African Union is nothing but a place where cacophonies meet to have expensive breakfast.
African Union creates an opportunity for ineptitude leaders to have diplomatic passports.
African Union shows the insanity of Africans, where countries are reluctant to pat dues but rather depends on foreign sponsorship.
A union without short, medium and long term plan. A Union that can not even liberate trade among African countries
A Union without a common peace keeping force.
A union that can not force dictators to step down.
A Union that teaches colleague leaders how to remain in power until death and how to loot their various countries.
A Union that sat aloof for great leaders like Nkuramah and colonel Gaddafi to be toppled.
A union where empty barrels gather to wine, dine and make merry and noise.

What at all is worthy celebrating about African Union when all the above clearly defines it ?

What is worthy celebrating African Union when we hardly point at any success story?

What is worthy celebrating when in out full glare xenophobic attacks have been the order of the day?

What is worthy celebrating when African countries take delight in trading with western world than their sister countries?

What is worthy celebrating when the western world is always first to respond to the plight of other African countries?

what is worthy celebrating when an African man would be subjected to thorough searching as compared to someone from Iraq or Turkey?

What is worthy celebrating when we are superimposing the study of Russian language on our students when many anglophone countries cannot speak French?

It is high time we re-think and reform our so call African Union. We need God fearing leaders to be at helm of affairs and not stooges.
I weep for mother Africa because we are clueless even in the twenty -first century.

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