Upper West Region: Fear and Panic Grip Gbelle Resource Reserve Game Guards ;as Poachers Constantly Attack them

Gbelle Resource Reserve guards continuously get physically assaulted by suspected hunters seemingly with reason of preventing them from poaching in the reserve which is a crime and liable for fine or imprisonment. The reserve is the second largest natural resource reserve apart from the Mole National park in the newly created Savannah Region in the Northern part of Ghana. Frantic efforts from the state through the Wild Life Division under the Forestry Commission to make the reserve attractive to both

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Sissala East Municipal: Rainstorm Wreaks Havoc in Tumu Town and its Environs

A sweeping storm accompanied by little rain has brought about destruction in some parts of the Sissala East Municipal. The disaster took place on the night of 28th April, 2020 lasting for more than an hour. According some residents, this particular experience is unusual and therefore very scaring to contend with. A sudden storm seemingly emanating from the Upper East Region sweeping across carried in it a heavy wind which could carry a human left its victims running helter skelterĀ 

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