Sissala East: The Okoa Project Pilots Prototype Ambulances in Deprived communities

The Okoa Project is an International Non-Governmental Organization that was given birth to in Tanzania with the aim of increasing access to health care by facilitating medical transportation of sick person’s especially pregnant women in to the nearest health facilities in very deprived communities. The Okoa project’s intervention revolves around the ingenuity of engineers(local artisans and technical students) to come out with practical and innovative solutions to local problems and thus ensuring sustainability. Against this back drop, The Okoa Project

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An Irate Youth of the Sissala East Municipal Stormed The Municipal Forestry Office over Resurgence of Rosewood Harvesting

An irate youth comprising Sissala Union and Sissala Youth Forum today, 18th February, 2020 stormed the Municipal Forestry office over an alleged action and inaction of the officers suspected to be the results of the creation of fertile grounds for the resurgence of the harvesting of rosewood in the area. The Sissala East Municipal is one among the hardest hit in the Upper West Region by the nefarious activities of illegal loggers amidst numerous protests and resistance by well-meaning people

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